Manage your
product notifications
in one place

Raven lets developers centrally manage all of their product's multi-channel notifications. This helps them save tons of time, have to maintain less code and can ship products faster.

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All channels in one place

Add any channel or provider to your app in minutes. We have integrated with 30+ major providers across all channels, so that you don't have to manage their APIs.

Ship fast

Make changes to notification templates and related logic directly on the dashboard. Add new notifications or update existing ones in minutes, without any deployment.

Template Management

Manage templates across channels in multiple languages without any code deployment.

Channel Management

Decide which channels to use and how to send, directly from the dashboard.

Make your notifications reliable

Ensure critical notifications always reach your users by configuring fallbacks and rules. Route intelligently to reach your user on the preferred channel.


Add fallback channels/providers to make sure the notification reaches your user always and at the right time.


Write rules to optimize delivery. Route via multiple providers like traffic split, geography based routing etc.

Get visibility on your notifications

Understand how your notifications are performing. Get actionable insights with detailed logs and metrics.

Notifications History

View logs across channels and debug issues quickly. Use advanced filters for an in-depth analysis.


Derive actionable insights with various metrics like delivery performance and latency data. Analyse causes of failure and take necessary actions to optimize delivery.

All in one notification system

User Preferences

Allow users to choose what kind of notifications they want to receive and how often. Manage directly using API.


Coming Soon

Send automated sequences of notifications on user actions. For example, an onboarding email sequence.

In-app Notifications

Coming Soon

Keep your users updated with their notifications with an inbox. Add an inbox to your web or mobile app without writing any code.

Scheduled Notifications

Keep users engaged with recurring notifications or a one off notification. For example, daily, weekly or monthly summary reports.


Coming Soon

Enhance the user experience by sending a single digest notification instead of sending multiple one-off notifications for every action.

Bulk Notifications

Send notifications in bulk without worrying about latency or delivery delay. Send to 100 or 1000 users in a single request.

Saurav Gandhi, Co-founder & CEO
"With Raven, now our engineering and product teams can manage notifications for every channel at a single place. Advanced analytics help us continuously optimize the notification experience for our users."
Saurav Gandhi, Co-founder & CEO
Saurav Gandhi, Co-founder & CEO

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First 10,000 events free every month

Raven is a central notification system to manage transactional notifications in one place (Push, SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Voice, Slack, In-App etc).

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