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Frequently asked questions

What is an Event?

Events are triggers or touchpoints where notifications are sent, for example - an OTP or a transaction_success event. Events define the channels that the notification will be sent on, their templates and other configurations. For example, a simple OTP event that triggers an SMS and Email notification to the user. Note that in a single event, you can send more than 1 notification on various channels, but you will be charged on the number of events only.

How to select a plan?

You don't have to select a plan. Based on your monthly usage, we will automatically calculate the cost and bill it to your credit card. If your usage is more than 1M or want a custom plan, plese reach out to us.

How do you calculate usage?

Usage is calculated basis the number of Events that are successfully processed. Invalid requests or error API calls are not counted. When triggering bulk events, the total count that were successfully processed will be counted.

Do you offer high-volume plans?

Yes! Contact us to learn about our high-volume pricing.

Do unused events roll over into the next month?

No. If you are under your free limit at the end of a billing period, the unused events do not roll over to the next billing period.

Do you offer a discount for startups?

Yes! If you are an early stage startup, contact us for a discount.

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Raven is a central notification system to manage transactional notifications in one place (Push, SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Voice, Slack, In-App etc).

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