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We are building Raven to provide developers with the infrastructure to build world-class notifications in their products.

Our story

Both us founders are brothers and developers by heart.
We had a chance to build systems from scratch for high growth startups like Apna and OkCredit. The systems we built powered billions of notifications across channels.

We spent 100s of hours every month managing the product's notifications (logic, templates and provider APIs). As developers we were frustrated spending so much time making changes to notifications, the related logic, managing deliveries etc. We wished there was a service where we could manage notifications at one place saving us months of effort, reducing our time to ship code and also given us a chance to work on our products instead of maintaining extra code.

That's why we built Raven.

Our team

Priyansh Srivastava



Product & Marketing

Sriyansh Srivastava




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Raven is a central notification system to manage transactional notifications in one place (Push, SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Voice, Slack, In-App etc).

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